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Let’s Get Crabby Fernandina!!!!

Pelican fans I mean seriously, this weather is ridiculous. There is no way you could be crabby on a day like today. Unless of course you come get crabby with us and enjoy sweet snow crab legs all day. We buy the big 8 ounce and up clusters that are just full of meat. You will not see these on any buffet! For lunch you can get a cluster with a choice of side for $12. Then all day long you can get a cluster to do what you want with for $8! Or get a full pound and a choice of side for $20. So ok I guess it will be ok to get a little crabby with us today. We also have Jacksonville’s Intuition Brewery’s Peoples Pale Ale as our draft of the day and La Crema Pinot Noir is the drink of the day for only $7.

March Madness has begun with teams fighting hard to get in or stay in. We will have all the conference championship games for you this week and then selection Sunday on March 12. We’ll see you soon.

Sunset is at 6:24 and we only have a week and a half until daylight savings time!


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