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Finally warming up on Friday!

Good Afternoon Friends!  It’s finally warming up downtown, and just in time for a busy weekend!  It starts with our Lunch Special, our Grilled Fish and Cilantro Sandwich!  Our Drink of the Day is Apothic Red Wine!  Tonight, we have one of our favorites as our Dinner Special, Grouper en papiollte (Fish in a bag)!  We have Robbie Litte playing his music tonight!  Robbie is a great musician, and he doesn’t take a break during his set.  Tomorrow we have the Chili cook off.  We will be down here and look forward to earning your vote!!  During the day Saturday, we will have Sam MacDonald playing his tunes, and Cody Nix in the evening.

Since Beer is the 3rd most popular beverage in the world, come on down and try one of our 14 different draft beers!


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